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Habitats EP – Pablo Queu feat. Oliver Han


















It is an amazing honour to be asked to collaborate and featured on Pablo Queu’s  new EP “Habitats”. The track and EP is doing really well – so thank you to Pablo and everyone who’s checked it out!

Is This Real features the lyrics and vocals of Oliver joined by friend and producer Santiago Morales in the chorus. “I very much enjoyed being able to write and perform on a lighter and more upbeat spectrum of genre where I often shy away from in my own music”.

From Pablo –

“Habitats EP” is the first official release from Pablo Queu. Including vocal collaborations with the talented Jerome Thomas and Oliver Han, “Habitats” is the evolution of the organic sound from previous beat tapes to a more song structured work.
With a strong foundation in grooves, rich harmonies and production, this EP marks the start of Pablo’s journey as a producer.

The five track EP is available on all platforms to download and purchase.

Spotify Link – https://open.spotify.com/album/1lClwhQAzEdxFJKUKejcni

Bandcamp Link – https://pabloqueu.bandcamp.com/album/habitats-ep

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