Oliver Han Music


Growing up between Thailand and the U.K. Oliver Han formerly of the Hard Rock act Hard Facade and chill duo Casual O’s, has set out to develop a dreamlike style combining acoustic folklore guitar with experimental progressive song structure. With simple melodies blended a strong use of effects and delays, Oliver seeks to achieve a familiar yet unique writing style.

On the London live music scene since 2014, Oliver has set out to carve a distinct style of live solo performance. A million miles away from his rock and metal roots, yet these influences can be heard in the use of power chords and electric guitar style. Oliver’s style is strongly influenced by nature and his life experiences, clearly narrated in a simple lyrical form.

“My guitar playing and singing have naturally informed and developed each other – As my guitar playing is often limited by having to sing and play, I’ve tried to develop a style that enhances both my playing and singing, rather than submit to allowing one to suffer”

“Lyrically, I believe the message or story must be told simply to be clearly and effective. This also often makes it more relatable”

He makes no secret of intentionally crafting his songs to be accessible, but within reason. That doesn’t stop him from ignoring convention with song structure.

“I grew up with a very American musical background, especially Country Music. These songs were crafted but the story was clear and simple and always the core of the song”

“I’ve always tried to tell a story”

In 2016 he released Now Here Man containing four songs written, produced and recorded over a year. This was also the first time working with producer and engineer and friend Santiago Morales. One of the key members and founders of the Neo-Soul group DAHNA.

While performing these songs live and filming for his youtube channel, The footage and audio provided the material for his next release. Earth-Tones.

Released in March 2017,  Earth-Tones is a live collection of songs performed with an additional un-released track. In particular is the title track from the un-released Snake Ballet set to arrive at the end of 2017.

In anticipation of this release, another live EP was released in early June 2017 called Live At The Mansion. Filmed and recorded at the affectionately named ‘Mansion’ two songs were filmed and recorded.

By The River is again taken from the un-released Snake Ballet EP accompanied by a bonus track Untitled which was written for the day itself, performed on a lap-steel slide guitar.

As with Earth-Tones, both are accompanied by a visual uploaded to YouTube and onto this site itself.

“This one will make your heart melt” – GURU magazine Bangkok

“Trippy AF!” – GURU magazine Bangkok

“Affecting” – Christopher Nosnibor, whisperinandhollerin.com

“Uniquely Organic” – Christopher Nosnibor, whisperinandhollerin.com